GCLRA Board Committee Chairs

Committees serve to assist in the effective implementation of Association objectives and specific programs. There shall be an annual opportunity for members to express their interest in serving on committees.
Budget Committee
Composition: The committee will be comprised of the Treasurer, President-Elect, incoming President-Elect, incoming Treasurer, the AE, and two (2) other REALTOR  members with financial background selected by the Board of Directors. The CPA may serve as an advisory member. The current Treasurer will serve as Chair.
Finance Committee
Composition. The Finance Committee shall be formed and chaired by the current Treasurer, with one member being the President-Elect, the Immediate Past Treasurer, one member being the MLS Chair, and the other members as recommended by the Treasurer.
Governance Committee
Composition. The committee shall be chaired by the Secretary. The committee shall include six (6) additional members appointed by the Board – two (2) who served in the previous calendar year on the committee, an MLS representative, a member of the general membership, a member of the Board of Directors who is not an officer and a Past President who has served in the previous five (5) years. No other persons shall serve on this committee.
Composition: The Nominating Committee shall consist of five (5) REALTOR  Members. The Past President shall chair the committee. The four remaining shall be comprised of one member designated from the membership of the Multiple Listing Service Committee and the remaining three (3) shall be appointed by the President with preference given to past presidents not currently serving on the Board. No Member of the Nominating Committee shall be eligible for nomination for an office by the Committee.
Program of Work Committee
Composition. The committee shall be chaired by the President-Elect. All committee Vice Chairs shall serve on the committee.
Strategic Planning Committee
Composition. The committee shall be chaired by the President-Elect. To serve on the committee, members must have been in business a minimum of three (3) years. The full committee makeup is as follows: Chair (President-Elect) , President , Secretary , PAT Representative , Commercial Representative , Appraisal Representative , Past President’s Appointee , President’s Appointee ,President-Elect’s Appointee , MLS Chair or MLSs Chair’s Appointee from the current MLS Committee , & AE (advisory role; non- voting).


Board Committee Chairs 2024


Robert Burke
Robert Burke
Budget & Finance

Randy Browning 2024
Randy Browning

Sonya Moncrief
Sonya Moncrief
Installation, Program of Work & Strategic Plan

Fred Carter DEI and Fair Housing Committee
Fred Carter
DEI & Fair Housing

Kim Harrel
Kim Harrell
Nominating Committee

Sonya Moncrief
Sonya Moncrief