MLS Committee
Reviews all MLS related proposals from the general membership and determine cause of action.

● Closely monitors the changes needed in the Rules and Regulations to be in compliance with the National Association of REALTORS  and to assure that these Rules and Regulations are adhered to by the membership.

● Reviews written complaints received, act upon them according to MLS Rules and Regulations, and/or make recommendations to the Board of Directors.

● Assists in monitoring activities within the MLS Database to assure that MLS Rules and Regulations are being followed.

● Recommends and oversee the billing and collection of MLS fees and fines for the operation of the system.
● Establishes minimum requirements for data entered into the MLS System.

● Holds live MLS training and are responsible for any updates to remote training content. All nominees for the MLS Committee shall have been a licensee and a member of the GCLRA for a  minimum of two consecutive years. No firm shall have more than two members on the MLS Committee regardless of status at any time. Absence from three (3) regular meetings within a twelve-month period without a written excuse deemed valid by MLS Committee shall be construed as immediate resignation.



● All committee members shall serve a term of two years. The committee shall be comprised of not less than eight (8) nor more than ten (10) REALTOR members plus the Immediate Past Chairman. Annual nominations should ensure that a Principal Broker and Appraiser are among nominees. No committee member shall serve consecutive terms.

● The Committee shall select its chairman and vice-chairman annually from among the members thereof. Chairman and vice-chairman selection shall be accomplished at the first meeting of the MLS Committee of the fiscal year subsequent to the annual


MLS Committee 2023

Virginia Rachal
MLS Chair

Mario Fox
MLS Vice-Chair
Kenneth Kelone
Past MLS Chair

Annie Billingsly
MLS Committee
Justine Kelone
MLS Committee
Fred Carter

MLS Committee   

Katy Jackson

MLS Committee

Katheryn Richmond

MLS Committee


Paula Gauthier

MLS Committee

MLS Committee

Cortney Alston

Mary Sonnier

MLS Committee